Call Recording Rules:

As you use Fireflies to record and transcribe meetings, please ensure that you are following all country, state, local, and org level laws around consent.*

Notifying participants that the call is being recorded is required by law in many regions, and you should adhere to it at all times. Fireflies is a tool and as per our terms of service, the onus is on you, the user, to responsibly notify that the meeting is being recorded.

Obtaining Recording Consent:

Meetings Fireflies Joins:

When you sign up, Fireflies will ask you to check your meeting settings. Based on these meeting settings, Fireflies will join the appropriate ones. It is important that you review your meeting settings. It's in big bold letters!

Removing Fireflies From A Call

For video conferencing meetings, Fireflies will join as a participant. Unless the user requests our team to modify the name of the bot, the default name will be Notetaker.

If a participant asks for Fireflies to be removed from the meeting, the host can simply kick Fireflies out of the meeting. If it is kicked out within the first 3 minutes, no audio will be processed.

You can also kick out Fireflies from the dashboard via